Free Tutorial On Creating A Writing Methodology For A Dissertation


To boot, a valuable component of your thesis or scholarly thesis is none other than methodology. It is worth mentioning that this is not very similar as methods. Note that this depicts the extensive philosophical that established the writer’s selected method of research. This comprise whether you’re using a combination of quantitative or qualitative methods or any of them.

Since the methodology section of your dissertation plays a very pivotal role, it is very critical to learn more about the dissertation methodology structure and you can start from the following guides:

  • In case that you’re submitting your scholarly thesis in sections, with the methodology handed in prior you engage in the study, it is imperative to use this section in order to expand precisely what you plan to do. More than that, the methodology must be integrated back to the literature to expound the reason why you’re using specific methods as well as the academic foundations of your preference. Also you can use this service online.
  • Keep in mind that if you’re submitting as a single written dissertation, then the methodology must expound what you conducted, with any clarifications that you made as your work progressed. If you find this confusing, you can refer to some dissertation methodology examples to help you get started.

  • In actuality, there are several research methods which can be considered when administering research on scientific subjects. Be reminded that this must be carefully discussed with your advisor so to figure out which one is the most suitable approach for your research. You can have lots of methodology options to use such as interviews, questionnaires, conducting observation or considering documentary analysis.
  • When it comes to selecting your accurate research methods as well as methodology, this must be certainly linked back to the questions in your research and in previous study. You can try visiting your college or university and refer to librarians for some assistance.
  • When writing a methodology for a dissertation, librarians are the right people who can guide you in determining the standard research method textbooks in your field of study. Meanwhile, you may search about various research methods online too for additional information.


Overall, the methodology must be able to clearly expound the weaknesses of your selected method and also the way you plan to ward off the worst hazards, probably this can be done through simply triangulating your information with other approaches or why you do not consider the weakness is pertinent.

What is more, it is fundamental to be clear about all the strengths and weaknesses of your selected method and how you prepare in advance to address them. Additionally, indicate any issues that you need to be aware of; for instance in making your findings more germane or in sample selection.