15 Topics To Explore In An Astrophysics Dissertation

Nowadays, astrophysics is becoming increasingly popular as a research topic. Whether you study it at a Bachelor or Master’s degree, here are some suggestions of topics you should consider for your dissertation:

  1. Parallel universes
  2. Explore the concept of space-time and the existing theories about the multiverse.

  3. Interstellar medium
  4. The interstellar medium is the matter spread among celestial bodies. Being the site where stars are born, it’s another challenging research topic.

  5. Black holes
  6. The concept of space-time is a good starting point for a dissertation on black holes. Focus on relativity and gravitation, as well as the causes of black hole formation.

  7. Dark matter
  8. Try a comparative study of matter and dark matter. Conduct a research on dark matter’s main property – its inability to produce or interact with radiation.

  9. Dark energy
  10. A rather unexplored topic, dark energy is supposed to be one of the factors that cause the accelerating expansion of the universe.

  11. Gravity
  12. Research the effects of gravity in the context of the formation and evolution of celestial bodies. Consider its potential to affect the fate of the universe.

  13. The formation of galaxies
  14. Start from the concepts of homogeneous and heterogeneous universe, and outline the different types of existing galaxies.

  15. The formation and evolution of the Solar system
  16. Such a dissertation can cover up the theories about the Solar System’s formation, focusing on a personal thesis about its future evolution.

  17. Bosons
  18. A paper on bosons would cover information about the properties of photon, as well as research on the reason behind matter weight.

  19. Radiation
  20. Many astronomical researches are lead through analyzing radiation waves, which help measuring the distance between galaxies and identify proprieties of some compounds.

  21. The possibility of extraterrestrial life
  22. Without going in depth on astro-chemistry and biology, try to explain how physical phenomena can influence the emerging of life in the universe.

  23. Neutrions
  24. Some answers about our existence could lie in these nearly weightless neutral particles.

  25. Entropy
  26. This topic is still controversial, but astrophysical concepts could explain some details about the increasing disorder in our universe.

  27. Supernovae
  28. Supernovae are explosions of tremendous stars, which are not only the cause of the birth of new elements, but also of black holes.

  29. The possibility of time travel
  30. It’s a topic which requires a deep knowledge of Einstein’s relativity and its correlation to contemporary discoveries.

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